Our goal is to create a critical mass of talented, educated and aware youth, who can transform their lives, their families, their communities, their country and the world.

Since establishment, the Foundation has helped children and families around Dandora to survive amidst severe deprivation. Johanna Omolo Foundation aims to provide opportunities for children in Dandora, Kenya, who could otherwise not be able to go to school, to attend school.

It is our belief that every child should have an opportunity to at least attend primary school as a starting point. Children of poor families are less likely to enroll in and complete schooling because of the associated costs of attending school. We appreciate your ongoing support as we strive to create meaningful change for communities.

Your donation will go towards buying uniforms, school supplies and transportation which are often beyond means of a poor family, especially when the family has several children of school age. Help us to make a difference by donating today.

In addition to offering primary school support,secondary school scholarship and post secondary school support, Johanna Omolo Foundation runs a complementary school break program for our scholars while schools are on holidays. This informal education program provides them with personal and professional skills beyond what they can gain at school -Mentor-ship, HIV Awareness, Drug Abuse, Peer Pressure etc