Academy Mission Statement: To offer all players in the local soccer community and surrounding areas a place to train and develop.

At Johanna Omolo Foundation first and foremost is identifying kids with qualities to perform at high level modern football. This quality players are identified at the foundation league which runs for a period of 5 months. Once identified our volunteer scouts (mostly 1st team players) will keep a close watch on their progress and performances on games and training’s until the very end of the league,which is when they all be brought together to join ranks of the foundation according to their age.

What we believe to be true at Johanna Omolo Foundation is that African kids at an early tender age of 9 to 14 are very technically and very talented soccer players yet when we see them reach an age when they are supposed to compete at the high level modern football very few actually manage to make it. From all the challenges they go through as teenagers we believe they miss out on an important part that every professional football player ought never to miss.

A well structured facility to enhance their skills. The difference between 11 years old from Europe and Africa aspiring to be professionals football players, is their level of preparation between ages 12 to 16 years. At the foundation we will give this quality young players a well structured platform they deserve to be able to attain the standards required to compete in the modern football.

Soccer Academy:- began in 2017 with a vision to provide opportunities for young players to play, learn and enjoy soccer. We have Academy teams for boys and girls. Players practice twice a week and play a home and away schedule. We will play clubs with Academy programs in Nairobi. Today, Soccer Academy’s programs reach out to some 1000 players each year. From ten-year olds just learning the game, to 17-year-olds dreaming of playing for the Kenyan National teams benefit from a Soccer Academy program. Sessions are competitive, improving both technical skills, and tactical competency.