We can do so much more together than we ever can alone, our lives are richer not poorer when we share our gift with others, that is what J.O foundation wants to do with the women of Dandora who cannot afford sanitary towels to give them dignity in their lives. So many women in Dandora rarely affords Sanitary towels, but most of them feel ashamed to ask or get support from people they know, they end up using tissue paper or rags.

At J.O foundation we have also realized that there are so many girls who miss out school when they are in their menstrual cycle. we want them to remain in school. There is no doubt that a girl child who remained in school would be more knowledgeable about menstrual hygiene which would also safeguard her health. Management of the menstrual blood must be such as to safeguard the health and dignity of the woman which requires the use of materials that can hygienically absorb all the blood. Before the introduction of sanitary pads, various materials such as ash, feather, soil, cotton wool, cloth, old pieces of mattresses, newspapers among others, were used by women to soak the menstrual blood.

Some of these inappropriate blood soaking materials which may be contaminated by effective organisms are still being used by females especially those in rural or impoverished urban areas thereby exposing them to avoidable reproductive tract infections. In a Kenyan study, some girls are said to lose 24 learning weeks out of 108 weeks due to menses.

The Johanna Omolo Foundation want to offer free sanitary pads for the females, a program which is expected to improve upon the menstrual hygiene management so as to encourage the girls to stay in school until completion of their both primary and secondary school education. The main reason for the support was high cost of sanitary pad which is beyond the reach of poor families.